Since 2005, Tight Corp has delivered custom designed, built, and deployed Controlled Atmosphere (CA) solutions using low pressure systems to establish hypoxic air conditions for various applications across a variety of industries. Our company started off as a minor player in the realm of the controlled atmosphere for fresh fruit and vegetable technology, with an expertise for over 15 years in apple storage.

Over time, we have adapted the technology to be applicable in a wide variety of domains beyond the simple storage of produce. By controlling the molecular mixture of the air, we are able to create atmospheric conditions that can prevent combustion from occurring completely, as well as creating an environment where plants can grow more efficiently and quickly in comparison to traditional farming techniques. We have since expanded our solution and have established reduced O2 levels for fire prevention in deep freeze warehouses, in museums and libraries, in hazardous material stockpiling sites, and also in server rooms and data centers. Furthermore, by controlling the atmospheric composition of a given space, we have established high-demand athletic training rooms, as well as highly efficient vertical farming operations.

Tight Corp’s solution is a safe system for human interaction, less costly than existing systems, more effective, and better for the environment.