A successful data center’s main asset is its uptime and consistent availability. From UPS batteries, to diesel generators, to 24/7 security personnel; everything in an IT environment is geared towards keeping the entire facility running uninterrupted. Yet many operators will neglect their fire safety solutions and simply rely on the same technology that has been around for decades: wait for a fire to happen, and then trigger a fire suppression system via various gazes, mists, or even water! Water in an IT room is not a good idea, even if using a pre-action system.

  • High energy density due to the concentration of electrical equipment of various types and ratings; servers, switches, transformers, batteries, coolers, fans, etc..

  • Electrical and cooling equipment is prone to technical faults and are the main cause of fires.

  • Short-circuits and other technical faults will cause smoldering fires, which will only be discovered once the damage has been done, and the fire has spread.

  • Not a gas-tight environment, which allows for the propagation of toxic smoke into and out of the server rooms

  • Complete power shutdown of the entire facility is part of the process when deploying traditional fire safety systems to prevent further damage and re-ignition of the fire.

  • Any interruption to a data center’s uptime and availability will have negative consequences on your company’s reputation and customer confidence.


  • Gas-tight envelope in your server rooms gives you the ability to control the atmospheric composition throughout your facility, and prevent any toxic smoke or combustion gases from escaping out of, or infiltrating into the center.

  • Low oxygen environment where short-circuits and other electrical faults will not lead to combustion of flammable materials, and eventually the spread of fire.

  • Fire Protection conditions are always on, 24/7/365. Permanent protection. Do not wait until a fire starts! You will be protected at all times.


  • Halt the oxidization process that contributes to the corrosion and wear of your sensitive data center equipment.

  • Improve your ROI by extending the life of your equipment and lowering maintenance costs.

  • Completely safe for humans who are able to work inside protected areas with virtually no hindrance.

  • Controlled atmosphere air is clean, pollutant-free and devoid of any harmful agents.


We are ready to lead you into the future of life and safety systems. Replace conventional passive fire suppression, with active always-on fire prevention.